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Living without Limitations

Featured Stories of a few friends we’ve helped through our disability assistance, programs & support services for individuals within our Texas communities

We want to help people live life without limitations and get the assistance and care needed to live their lives how they want to live them. Best Friends offers disability assistance, programs & support services for individuals within our Texas communities. Anything and everything we do is to improve people’s quality of living, including care takers. Below are stories from some of our Best Friends and how we’ve successfully empowered them to manage their disability. Assistance is based on their needs, and each day, their limits become less restrictive.



Rhonda is a resident at the Best Friends Group Home. She found Best Friends when she lost her support system after the death of her mom. At the time, she was looking for a place that could help her become more independent and give her a better quality of life.

Since joining the Best Friends family as a full-time resident of our Group Home, she has learned many new skills. She has greatly improved her cooking, exercising and mobility. She would love to volunteer at the local animal shelter because she loves dogs, especially police dogs. She is also interested in photography, and even took some of the photos at the Group Home.

When asked about life at Best Friends, Rhonda had this to say:

“Best Friends welcomed me into their family and made me feel happy. They have made it possible to move on and do more things for myself. This is the first time I have ever had any friends. We’re all one big happy family here. I love family.

They are all wonderful people. I adore them. They always help.”

Rhonda enjoys having her own room, hanging out with her friends in the Clubhouse, swimming and cooking.

BJ and Sharron

Sharron & BJ

Sharron became BJ's foster mom over 10 years ago. Previously, BJ had been in a home where she was heavily medicated and had many health problems. Since Sharron became her foster mom and could move BJ to her home to provide her the best life possible, BJ has been med free and much healthier.

Sharron says BJ struggled to communicate when she first left the facility to live with Sharron, but she is doing vastly better now. She has even regained some use of her left hand and has a wonderful dog named, "Happy," who completes the trio with her happy energy. You would be hard pressed to find Sharron, BJ or Happy without the other two in tow.

Sharron says Best Friends supports her and BJ by being an honest, helpful and kind organization that treats BJ like the special individual she is.

"Best Friends was able to help me get the full benefits I am entitled to as a caretaker and is currently working with us to get a wheelchair lift for our van. They also help us with smaller tasks, like making sure BJ's dental bills get paid right away through the correct avenues. I don't use the full range of their services, but they are always checking on us to make sure we have everything we need. The foster system can be difficult to navigate, but Best Friends is always on my side.

Nikki and Best Friends also go out of their way to keep BJ involved in the community. We live 150 miles away, but Nikki makes sure we know about all the parties and events, and we make the effort to come to several a year. Nikki doesn't force you to do anything or tell you what you need to do as a caretaker, she's just there to help you when you need it. I don't know what I would do without her.

I have never seen them turn someone away because a problem was too difficult or they didn't know how to deal with the situation. Best Friends is not in this to make money; instead, they are here to help us. They always go above and beyond and they have integrity in everything they do. They are always thinking of us, and whatever they can do to help us, they do it."

BJ adds, "Nikki is a good person."

How to Start Living without Limitations

You can view a full list of our disability assistance services or fill out our online pre-screening. You can also contact us. We are always ready to help you start living life without limitations.

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