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Best Friends Changed My Life For The Better

Best Friends Changed My Life for the Better

Best Friends Executive Director Nikki Steinsbo and Rhonda

Best Friends Executive Director, Nikki Steinsbo, and Me

By: Rhonda
April 25, 2017

After my parents died, I moved in with other family members. I’m sad to say that the relationship didn’t last very long because I missed doctors appointments and my health started to fail. I was then placed in a nursing home to live with people much older than myself. I became unhappy with where my life was headed.

Things changed for the better when I met Shirie Taylor, a representative from Best Friends Community Services. Shirie thought I was a candidate for group home living. She said that there was a caring community called Grapeland, Texas, that would welcome me with open arms.

I am so happy I decided to move. My health has improved because I make it to all of my medical appointments. Plus, I have a new beautician in Grapeland, Sherry Weisinger, that I absolutely love.

Best Friends Community Services changed my life for the better and I’m proud to call Grapeland my home.

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