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disability volunteer work
Volunteering & Internships

We love our volunteers at Best Friends Community Services. Best Friends is a place where you can help individuals with a disability. Volunteer work is a great way to gain experience for mature students who are interested in social work, nursing, other medical professions, or are just compassionate towards your fellow man.

Our volunteers can help with a variety of tasks, including things like:

Interning or volunteering at our main office including helping with:
Other vital tasks to running Best Friends
Becoming a Human Rights Advocacy Committee Member


We are always in need of things to help make our friends lives better. Things you can donate include:

Toiletries and personal items
Birthday cakes
Sponsorships for a Birthday Wish
Bottle water and sports drinks for participants in the Special Olympics
Bingo prizes
…and more

Contact us to find out our exact current needs and how to donate these items.

Volunteer Perspective

Francisco Parra

My experience volunteering at Best Friends allowed me to gain real-world experience related to the healthcare needs of people in rural East Texas. I was a volunteer intern with Best Friends Community Services through my honors program at the University of Texas.  The executive director, Nikki, took a real interest in my goals and provided important advice and guidance. I had the opportunity to assist her on various projects related to planning, management, and marketing of programs & services.

Best Friends helped open my eyes to the needs of the people around me and increased my awareness of the urgent need for advocacy for people without a voice of their own and for individuals marginalized in other ways. I would encourage people to volunteer with Best Friends Community Services so they can gain a better understanding of the challenges that some of our neighbor’s face daily. My internship with Best Friends Community Services motivated me to become more active and be a part of positive change and I enjoyed the mentoring & support provided during my time as an intern.


Are you interested in serving those with a disability? Volunteer work at Best Friends requires that you must be 18 years or older. You can apply to volunteer by filling out our pre-screening form. We screen and perform background checks on all volunteers and staff. Once we contact you, we will need the following information:

Name, Age and Date-of-Birth
A summary of who you are and why you want to volunteer with Best Friends
Three verifiable character references

When you are ready, apply here.

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